Alison and Camille at La Bahia Antique Show

All I can do is giggle. Soon I will be pulling in to La Bahia Antique Show at Round Top to see two of my favorite gals, Alison Beckham and Camille McCain. These absolutely adorable, charming and extremely talented fun-loving sisters have created a booming and successful business of selling fantastic old farmhouse and primitive furniture, antique architectural and more wondrous finds. I can hardly stay composed. I know I've missed the rush of chaos from the buying frenzy, which I'll explain in a bit, but I also know from years of experience that once here, there will still be so many fabulous things to acquire...

I slip in through the back opening of a simple white tent sheltering un-vingetted rows of of antique cabinets, cupboards, armoires, dressers and counters in varying original old patinas and painted colors. Oh, this is exciting! It's narrow walking paths are glorious as they tell me without words there's so much merchandise that it had to be strategically placed just to get it all to fit within the tent walls. A seasoned eye could quickly read the details, finishes, hardware and history of the pieces all gathered together, each with its own story, and to have this ability here is a huge blessing...

Alison and Camille is also known for their opening Friday morning. People gather in wait early for the eight o'clock opening of the tent to be the first to grab the tags off their choices to claim victory to their purchase, per the rules, as each piece will always be clearly tagged and priced to sell. If you should find a piece not tagged, it's most likely sold. I sometimes will return to see if the tag puller changed their mind, as it has happened and I have been the lucky one whom left with the find. As I wander through the isles of wonderful old wood smells absorbing the character and charm of each piece, I am reminded to make my choices as I go, as other shoppers squeeze past or patiently wait their turn as quickly I enjoy mine. I'm in my element.

As large as the tent is inside, the outside of Alison and Camille's show area is three times the size. Stacked, piled and leaning pieces of old architectural treasures, advertising and galvanized finds are intermingled with antique farm tables, small tables, shelves, benches and primitive farm implements all tucked and put with old bird houses and vintage concrete urns and statues. Primitive work tables, gates and doors find their places next to pillars, arches or pediments. Breathe in and enjoy.

Some time later with my hand full of price tags, I have accomplished my morning task, the first run through. This booth always requires a second visit...

By the afternoon I will do my best to return to their booth as Alison and Camille will have gone through their entire booth rearranging, reorganizing, (while husbands Rick and Scottie tirelessly unload more), beginning the arduous task of setting out the "smalls", i.e., old decorating finds of chippy painted corbels, mirrors, ironstone and pottery, art, old books, step stools, trinkets and treasures, garden goods, birdcages and unique old objects. By now there will be music playing old rock in the background and a now cold lunch patiently waiting for the girls as they continue their work. La Bahia Antique Show will be open late tonight so there will be plenty of time to come again and enjoy this booth for a second round of shopping.

See?? Am I right?? Yep, my excitement is thoroughly justified, agree?? So when y'all are there absorbing all the wonderfulness and purchasing all this goodness, please take a second to tell them I said hi!

WHO: Alison and Rick Beckham and Camille and Scottie McCain, co-owners

VENUES: La Bahia Antiques - every Spring and Fall - Round Top, TX

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