And so it begins...

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

As a purveyor who thrives on antiques and textiles, sharing, marketing, decorating and design, travel and promoting fellow dealers, crafters and designers, I wanted to take my business experience down a new path.

To go on an excursion, an adventure. An endless road trip.

And include shopping. And rare finds. And people. And food.

Setting up and selling as Bull Chic Antiques three times a year at the Spring, Winter and Fall Round Top, Texas Antique Shows is my thrill of this job. It's what I do. It's an achievement, a goal, an arrival each and every show. It encompasses everything I love about the business: the treasures, the sounds, the smells, the people, the atmosphere, the freedom to be authentic in what I do. My clientele embraces all types of retail and wholesale business from locals to world travelers, designers and decorators, shop owners and craftsmen, as well as celebrity and international scale retailers such as Magnolia Market, ABC Home, Rejuvenation, Rachel Ashwell, and more.

But this Sagittarius wanderlust soul of mine needs a twist of lime that she picked herself from a far away tree...

Accept this as your open invitation to join me on this epic journey to find the perfect "look" for your space, your environment, no matter what style, how large or small, inside or out, that which will inspire and bring joy to you and those who enter there. And new people... and food.

Did I just say, "epic journey" and "food" in the same paragraph?!!

Yes. Yes, I did.

My mission, already accepted, is to travel across both charted and uncharted treasure grounds, to seek out unique finds, to connect with kindred spirits, to boldly bring you the "perfect look".

Seeking out the best flea markets, vintage fairs, antique shows, auctions and selling barns and fields across the country, while visiting with locals asking about their favorite shops and markets along the way. Sharing photos, stories, names, locations, and everything needed to obtain what you see here. Hunting the unique, the old, the reclaimed, the original. Finding perfect patinas and fabulous old paint, smooth old hand and time worn wood, rusted and weathered metals, wonderful textiles, hides and pieces that speak to the spirit of the heart as well as practicality of the mind.

... and "Shotgun!" called by Mavis Ann

Go for a ride?!!

Ah, #lifewithacattledog.

Mavis Ann, aka "Mavy", "Mavy Wavy", "*^%#@!-dog" and "momma's girl" is a blue merle Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler as they are often referred to.

She's goofy, bull headed, a food tramp, super smart and as sweet as can be. Hmm, I resemble some of that comment...

I'll let her lead.

We're gonna have us some fun!!!

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