Okay, y'all... Round Top, TEXAS Antique Shows: an introduction

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Imagine lush rolling pastures, some dotted and some densely clustered with huge live oaks (the ones you want to swing from, have a wedding under or even live in), massive old native pecan trees, trees that bloom and trees that their sole purpose is to reach the heavens, along with wandering vines, impressive cattle and antique farmhouses, all drenched in seemingly endless rich green grasses and, during the spring, Texas's celebratory wildflowers. Go ahead, close your eyes and just be with it all: the shade under these trees, the smell of the flowers, the cows... Okay, now open your eyes so you can continue reading...

Now stay with this sense of being as you virtually travel miles and miles of State HWY 237, a winding two lane road dividing this landscape, and imagine filling these open fields and pastures with antiques and vintage merchandise spilling from tents, barns, permanent selling sheds, old dance halls and structures crowding up to the banks of the highway. Now dream BIG! See an astounding amount of these show venues overflowing with merchandise, you're in Texas after all, so dream BIG! Okay, good! Add the smell of slow cooked BBQ smoking in the close distance, good live music coming from a makeshift stage (with a dance floor) just out of site, and envision people of all walks of life, dressed for the part, full of excitement, enthusiasm and wonder as they gaze with glee... there you go! Just breath it all in. Yes, even the glee.

Now multiply that by tenfold... or more. Really. And dare to imagine this every Spring and every Fall.

To the "regulars", those of us who refuse to miss a season, it's an inexplicable necessary experience. A dream come to fruition. Each visit is an ever important chapter for our own life's novel. Each visit different than the one before, yet all are full of the same sense of enrichment and pleasure so dynamic we feel as if here, in Round Top, we repeatedly win the jackpot.

To those of us that have had the successful perceptivity to give our retail business a shot here, Round Top is our "thing". It's the icing on the cake, the cake itself, the ingredients, even the baker. And it's the celebration the cake is brought to in all it's decadent glory. It's where we cut the cake, and share the cake. It's where we actually get to eat the cake.

To the lucky few of us who have lived here, we have experienced the quiet and tranquility of this tiny town, Texas, during the months where the rest of the world seems solar systems away. We are the town and country folk, caring for the live oak, the old farmhouses and the cattle. The ones preserving the experience.

Welcome y'all, to the Round Top, TX Antique Shows.

Though the name may imply that the venues are all located in the town of Round Top, TX, population 90, the fact is that this extravaganza encompasses much of Texas State Highway 237, which runs through the middle of the town of Round Top where the first venue started 50 years ago, (hence the modern reference to all the area venues as "Round Top".) Back in the day it was the elite Houston crowd gathering to this bi-annual cream of the crop venue to buy high end antiques and rarities, let down their hair in perfect Texas fashion and enjoy cold beer and BBQ under those oaks and pecans while listening to live music, dancing and mingling with the locals.

When can one expect to enjoy this experience? The easiest way to explain this rhythmic pleasure cycle is to look on a current calendar and locate the first Saturday of April (for the Spring show) or October (for the Fall show) and then count back 2 weeks. The venues will begin to open from this date on and will all fully be open within the first ten days and remain open to the end of the two weeks which is that first Saturday of April or October.... *gasp*... You can check out this website anytime or pick up free magazines and pamphlets easily found at the venues and local businesses during the shows for more information. Now to add another major ingredient into this mix...

There is also a Winter show which is on a much smaller scale but still worth the trip, usually the last week(end) (Thursday - Sunday) of January.

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I will write many blogs on Round Top Antique Shows. I will introduce you to incredible people with incredible things. I will lend advice to those who wish to listen. I will bring you to the food, the fun, the friends and the finds, all with joy!


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