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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

During the world renowned Antique Shows in Round Top, Texas, perfectly situated under the large patio garden area of The Farmloft, an incredible upscale clothing, jewelry and antiques boutique on the north end of town on highway 237, you will find all the wonderful things we look for in this world of primitive, chippy, rusted, charming antique goodness with expressions of gratitude to its beautiful source, Brenda and Mark Kilgore, owners of Kilgore's [Modern Country]. Those of us who have been to Kilgore's Farmhouse @ Blue Hills at Round Top during these events know exactly what they are capable of.

Scattered vignettes of antique primitive perfectness in woods, old peeling, worn paint patinas, zinc, iron and lots of ironstone. Mirrors, religious articles and beautiful old paintings adorn the old decorative tin paneled walls and antique architectural features show proudly from their perches and against posts. Old garden furnishings, tablewares, lighting and fabulous gilt frames, sigh. Yes my friends, this is good stuff.

Brenda reminds me of a revered movie character, the one that always leaves little trails of "good things" or those significant signs of their gifts and talents, as whatever she touches becomes imprinted with decorating magic. From inside magazines to online medias of prestigious shops and shows you can find her styling. And always by her side, the little Blue Heeler pixie, Blue Belle. As I wander through the vignettes and around Blue Belle, I realize how much all this makes me smile from my soul.

I was in the mix of industrial and farm pieces, signage and stained glass, a large variety of antique cabinets and cupboards, loads of architectural finds, benches and an old long white porch swing. Farm tables of all sizes, an old store counter, blue and yellow ware bowls, spools and kitchenware.

As I rounded a pair of big antique barn doors towards the outside garden section of Kilgore's booth, I was greeted by a large old metal tool carrier Brenda had filled with big colorful seashells.

I swooned.

All the textures, colors, mixes and blending. Sublime inspiration.

Kilgore's prices are as good as their finds. The merchandise moves quickly to be replaced with another piece of antique wonder. With their keen eye for buying this treasure and Mark's abilities in creative construction to build the perfect backdrop for Brenda's magic makes this a perfect partnership.

Fun finds, fun prices, funner people. Go see them often.

On the left, Brenda Kilgore, with owner of The Farmloft, Darwa Webb

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