Oh my, Mavis, we're housebound! WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Yes, it's true! And yikes!! Only a month before the start of the Spring 2019 Round Top Antique Show!!

Mavis was perfect. A perfect mess. The 2nd super full moon of the year shown brightly as she ventured out to potty for the eleventh time since the precious little mini Mavises began their journey in to the world. The first 14 hours of whelping were quite intimidating when she realized she had gotten on that roller coaster ride of her first labor of love and couldn't get off.

After the arrival of Audra, big and beautiful pup numero uno, the roller coaster was twisting and falling, but Mavis had this ride handled! The first adorable five tricolor blue and red cattle pups were females, as were seven, eight and nine... yes, only one handsome strong male to watch over his sisters. Accept it now young pup, the world can be tough that way. He will be both tormented and loved eight fold. And we will call him "Angus".

Second was Mila, meaning "of the moon" appropriate for the timing, and Lucy and Ethel, third and forth. Lucy means "light", so the one with the least amount of markings got that title. We all know that Ethel means "Lucy's best friend", so it was a meant to be. Sheila came in fifth. I felt we had to have one pup with a name that gave tribute to their Queensland heritage. Bonnie Bell was seventh heaven and Agnes upped the roster as number eight. I had to have the opportunity to call out Agnes and Angus in the same line up or things just wouldn't seem right. And coming in at a perfect nine was Penelope.

I love puppy smells, sounds, squeaks and that rare teeny tiny bark or growl that bursts out of nowhere. I love their cuteness, their ability to fall asleep in any pose, their itty bitty feet pads and noses. I love that they will change daily and begin to get their speckles and blue or red coloring with time. I love their trust. I love my puppies.

I love their momma.

Good job, girl.

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