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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Oh, Round Top, Texas just keeps getting better...

Many of you may be familiar with Magnolia Pearl clothing and creations by Robin Brown, and now lovely

Darwa Webb has brought this delightfully distinctive line of wearables, and accessories as well as handmade original jewelry by the incredible local artist Richard Schmidt [Richard Schmidt Jewelry Designs], and a little offering of antiques and decor to the Texas style fairytale town of Round Top.

Situated on Texas State Highway 237 near the north end of town in a wonderful old building that holds the perfect atmosphere for this upscale shop, The Farmloft. Fitted with a cedar post full front porch, whitewashed rustic open beam wood interior, antique furnishings and displays (which can be, and most likely are, for sale) set the stage with perfect simplicity. I could actually feel my eyes twinkling when I entered and it wasn't from the fairy lights. Now, here would be the ideal scenario to let the photos do the talking, ah, but then I wouldn't have as much fun.

And then...

Yeah, I was right, huh?

The whitewash, the beams, the old wood flooring, the old chippy, peely painted display pieces, the old metal goodness, the patinas and old woods and rust, the wall hangings, the subtle details in decor, and yes, the fairy lights! So bright. So inviting. So amazing.

Oh, my!!

And then, drumroll please........ there's the clothing and jewelry!

Richard Schmidt is well known jewelry artist for his eclectic and wonderful twist on elegant southwest styling, super fun designs and incredibly detailed silversmithing. His look is very unique and highly discernible and mixes well with everyday wear to special occasion events.

As you absorb the details in the design, the fabrics, eyelets and appliqués, the stitching and colors, the patterns and ink stamped artwork you can't wait to play in the dressing room. Imagination and daring is packaged up All. Right. Here. Each piece plays it's own masterpiece. Each detail has a part as an instrument or voice. You can truly feel the artistry in the creation. Robin has done her job well.

Shop owner, Darwa Webb, on the left and Magnolia Pearl creator Robin Brown under her loving wing.

Another job well done on her part was to have her goods here in Darwa's newest shop. Darwa is an absolute doll! She is charming, happy natured and shows her good character. She has her own style and is that much more beautiful for it. We should all take note, as life is so preciously short, be authentic. Do you. Round Top is better for her and The Farmloft's presence. Living the dream. Love, love, love it!

Shop times are typical of the sleepy little town, which only wakes up with activity Thursday through Saturday, and this is when you will find The Farmloft open.

During the Round Top Antique Shows Darwa opens her side patio to the Kilgore's [Modern Farmhouse], Brenda and Mark, who sell the perfect mix of antique furniture, garden and decor, and that my friends is a whole other blog.

Everything fun, this is a fantastic girls weekend destination spot!

See y'all there!

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Open everyday during the Round Top Antique Shows


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