The Plaid Veranda at Market Hill

Walking quickly with that familiar excitement of wondering what one will find while out hunting antiques, I make my way through the corridors of the magnificent Market Hill, Paul Michael's newest venture, a massively constructed beautiful showroom housing some of the best Dealers Round Top offers during the Winter, Spring and Fall Round Top Texas Antique Shows, making it's presence well known along HWY 237 just north of the town proper. Once again I am on a mission, however this time, I'm afraid I may be a bit too early...

As feared, I am early. The Plaid Veranda is half set and her isles of this incredible showroom are full of fabulous items waiting to be put into place for show time. With Judy's permission I manage to at least take some photos of the merchandise in waiting and despite its current state, I am so inspired that I could not resist writing this blog now. I do promise to be more patient in the future and blog again on the Fall 2019 show of a completed space...

The Plaid Veranda in it's completed set design is an eclectic magnetic portrait painted by its brilliant and beautiful owner, Judy Jones. Judy has a true love for classical elegance and the wow factor. She sees [knows] the value in the antique and modern influences. She manages all the elements in a way that melds them in decorating perfection, making beautiful sense. She buys with confidence in her vision. This is both difficult and daring, but it works. So many of us in the business stick to that one "themed" direction of what we buy and sell to maintain a look cohesive to our clients wants that we eventually become just that. You will not find that here. Whether it is 17th century Italian harness cabinet, a pair of fabulous mid-century lamps, an early massive European wrought iron dining table, an absolutely gorgeous complete 14 piece store surround and counter from a European pharmacy, rare oddities for collection, unusually themed advertising, mid century "airplane" chairs from a world class famous restaurant, or an amazing 19th century primitive farmhouse cupboard or massive wall collection of imported French vintage wine barrels, Judy's space will be a magical realm of design cast by her own alchemic talent, a rare and precious gift.

To make life even more exciting, The Plaid Veranda has a second location during the Round Top shows at The Compound (another antique venue and separate blog completely, so watch for it), and Judy and her wonderful and delightful husband Ed have built a local 4000 sq ft warehouse for storing the back stock. Yes, people, its amazing. This allows continuous replacement of rare, unique and antique merchandise to continuously flow through her spaces as merchandise sells. Go often, read descriptions as so many of the pieces have great history and stories, and buy. Buy with complete confidence of the uniqueness and quality of the pieces you select.

The Plaid Veranda created so mindfully from Judy's vision is hugely a favorite among buyers and tops the chart of my booth picks of Round Top. Her prices are very fair and reflective to the piece or grouping. Her knowledge, charm and character are as equally enchanting as her booth(s). Judy is also Host to the Design Dream Team shown below, (Judy is center back row).

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aka The Plaid Veranda at The Compound, Round Top Antique Show

WHO: Judy and Ed Jones, owners

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