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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

On a mission, I leave my booth and head across the dirt drive to the booth of my long-time and dear friends on my adventurous endless quest of finding good stuff. Quickly arriving to the outer edge of my destination, I weave past an old light post, several wonderful cast iron sinks in varying sizes and shapes, a European baby bathtub, a fantastic vintage patio set and display worthy farm and vintage workshop finds, admiring the goods as I am fondly being hailed from the inside of the Times Past booth. I turn my attention to the calling and stop, gazing in amazement. Oh my! And my, ooo, oh my! And are those cherubs singing?

Times Past owners, Don and Sheree Simpson, are lifetime seasoned veterans in the antique business and it shows. They are well versed in their areas of passions and equally keen is their sense of knowing what each market draws and they let that knowledge set their current show's stage. And for lucky us, today it is Blue Hills at glorious Round Top!

To many of us Round Top comes with an expectation of finding pieces that speak to our hearts. Whether you're in the market for fabulous old architectural pieces, (etched glass antique doors, chippy paint corbels and pediments), antique farm finds of all sorts, primitive farm tables, benches, cabinets or cubbies, then yep, you're in the right place.

Or maybe you'll be drawn to the fun advertising pieces throughout the booth, unusual lighting hanging from the rafters or collections and collectibles that fill walls, shelves and cases. Times Past is a booth so full of extraordinary finds you will not want to miss an inch! Antique hat boxes, ladders and toys, old cowboy things and good pottery, our maybe sconces, conch belts, buttons or old jars. Spend time here as there are treasures to be had!

Displayed in the center of all this wonder is the heart of the booth, probably where the cherub songs emerge, a set of cases full of antique and vintage turquoise and silver pawn, Native American and estate jewelry. Antique quilts, vintage serapes, rare old clothing and accessories adorn the surround of the cases.

In the middle of these cases will be the beautiful miss Sheree, playing attendant to her treasure trove and an astute expert in this field. Her eyes always sparkle when she shows you her most recent finds and her warm smile will set the world right. Don will charm and humor you, and with his entire life devoted to this business, he carries experience and knowledge that commands attention.

Times Past is unique and exciting as there may very well be something for everyone. You will find fair pricing and the merchandise moving quickly so come often as the holes in the booth from sales will quickly be filled with a another antique from storage. And if you have been looking for something to add to your collection or wishing to acquire by haven't found yet, ask the Simpsons as they just may have one packed away.

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WHO: Don and Sheree Simpson, owners

VENUES: Blue Hills at Round Top Antique Show - every Spring and Fall - Round Top, TX

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